Things to keep in mind while going for a group tour

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Ravi Goel


It is often said that – “too many cooks spoil the broth” which also holds true for group tour. If you are travelling together in a group you need to take care of a lot of things. First and foremost it is very important to understand that different people have different mindset, different choice and preference and so you need to understand that all the individuals should be given their own space.

If you are travelling in a group you need to develop a bond with each other in order to understand the other person, once you have understood him/her it becomes easier to operate. The stronger the bond becomes the more fun will be your travelling experience and it will be one bond which will be restricted to one travel experience which will be taken forward.

While in a group tour you should have everybody’s number so that is anybody is left out they should be able to contact each other. Each and every person is supposed to carry their identity proof and they should be given the details of the mode of transport. They should be given prior schedules for every plan of activity they intend to do so that everybody is aware of it and can make their move accordingly.

It is often said that everybody in the group should get assembled at the point at least half an hour prior to the visit so that the entire plan is well concluded on time. Some time it so happens that different people have different eating habits and at times all you need to do is adjust with them. Do carry couple of medicines along with you while in a group tour so that you can come for their rescue if such a situation arises.  

Written by Ravi Goel