Top Honeymoon Destinations for 2016

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Ravi Goel

The rush, the desire, the chaos…and your heart,

Waits, for that one moment…the desires meet,

And the heart whispered- Honey! Let’s go to our Honeymoon!

Take a step forward; know each other better than you ever did for the life waits ahead with all its surprises and before stepping into the realm of the married life, you have got to breathe easy and go crazy!

Here are some of the ultra- romantic destinations for you newly- weds. Spend those few days of bliss with your other half and create memories for the lifetime.

1.Andaman Islands

The azure blue water crashing into the pristine white sand with the sun setting into the horizon, what more can a newly-wedded couple ask for? A ship ride away from the capital town of Port Blaire is the Havelock Island that is bestowed with beaches whose beauty is incomparable. Once you have spent some quite days at the beach side of Havelock, you may head to an offbeat destination only few know about- Diglipur and hire a bamboo hut for a day between which you can take a trip to the Ross and Smith Island.The night sky here at Diglipur is something out of dreams, star gazing with your loved one by your side, assumes a new definition here. If you are a couple who enjoy thrill and adventure, spend an afternoon at the Elephant Island and go Scuba Diving and discover the underwater colours of natural coral reefs while feeding the fishes.


If the beach side doesn’t appeal to you, not to worry! The hills are equally welcoming. Kashmir is indeed the valley of dreams and the perfect place for you to step into the married realm. The cosy walks through the narrow roads along the valley and the Shikara ride are a potent combination for anyone looking for something unusual. The cool weather throughout the year is perfect for a visit at any time

3. Rajasthan

Wondering how a desert state can in anyway be romantic? Rajasthan indeed is a surprise in itself. The sand dunes at Jaisalmer and the camping sites coupled with an evening Camel Safari into the dunes, while the sun hides behind the sandy mounds- it is truly picture perfect. Rajasthan is also known world over for the royalty it beholds, the regal palaces dotting the state are a testimony to the old world charm that is still alive in the local traditions. There is no better place in India as this for some indulgent pampering.


Kerala is known as being the God’s own country and not for no reason is it revered by all. If you wish for your honeymoon to be a combination of different experiences, you should be planning an elaborate honeymoon to Kerala.There is everything from cloud covered hills and sprawling tea gardens at Munnar to crashing and chirping water waves at Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi.  At Kumarkom, the backwaters are traversed by slow moving houseboats where you can spend a day or two, relishing the silence of the waters and the nuances of nature while sipping on a hot cuppa of tea.

5.New Zealand

Queensland is a paradise for couples looking for some heart pumping thrill. Be a bungee- jumper or go for zorbing and para- gliding or simply trek and hike. Share the adrenaline rush and later, gorge the luscious food spreads at the restaurants around the town. On another day, hop onto a helicopter for a ride over the Southern Alps and gaze down at the peaks of the rocky hills while taking in the natural scenery.


At Aruba, every moment is the best moment as the fun under the sun and after it, never ends. The days are the time for you to soak in the warm sun rays and the cool waters while after dawn hit the streets for they come alive with nightclubs and casinos calling out with tempting music and filling the night air with the much sought after element of fun!The unusual food delicacies will add the gluttonous flavour to your honeymoon. The services at the various hotels and resorts around Aruba are known for their exclusivity and all this can never be separated from the beach fun!


There is something about Paris, something indescribable, that can make even the most strong- hearted to go gaga over the sheer history and beauty and the crazed out fun that defines this French dream city. Walk on the cobbled streets of this marvellous city, sip on a hot cup of coffee at a cosy roadside café with your fingers intertwined- the romance here never ends. Everything, from the buildings to the parks and the food exude a sense of belongingness and can leave you spellbound for a lifetime.

8. Switzerland

From Geneva’s famous fountain- Jet d’Eau to Chateau de Chillon, the majestic castle and of course, Zurich’s charm and trekking on the Mount Blanc- the whole package of Switzerland is one that will leave you asking for more and there is always something more on offer here.All the essential elements of a great honeymoon mingle in a harmony which you should explore with your better half in leisure and what better time for it than your honeymoon.

9. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the place for nature lovers- the beaches and the wildlife will transport you into a dream world you may have heard only in tales. Get wild and experience the sheer magnificence of interacting with the nature in its raw form

10.   Bora Bora

Imagine how it would be to have crystal blue water under your home, all the time. This may be a bit of a contradiction for the daily life but not for when you are on your honeymoon. At Bora Bora, the resorts sit atop wooden pillars that are standing on white sands with the sea water constantly waving through them. All you have to do to reach the beautiful blue water is to step down the ladder and Voila! You are swimming  and even dining with your better half in the crystal clear sea water.

This is among the best places for newly wedded honeys to explore each other in a new, sunny light with warm beach water under your feet.

Wait no more, pick a place and hit the road because Honey, it’s time for your honeymoon!

Written by Ravi Goel