In Love with Kashmir – the second time

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Ravi Goel

Is was two summers back that I had the chance of visiting Kashmir and from then on, no other destination could replace the grandeur of Kashmir in my heart and soul, such is the beauty of this Paradise on Earth.

The summers hit yet again and I desperately wanted to flee from the heat of the plains. Though there are various places around the country that are cooler than the plains but yet again, I found myself getting sucked into the idea of revisiting the Valley of Kashmir and see it one more time in a new light.

I knew Kashmir would never be a disappointment but even to my utter surprise, though I had been here earlier, nothing seemed repetitive to me. The charm and the beauty were still spell- binding and spoke volumes of how life here is governed by Mother Nature. The Shikara Ride in the Sambar Lake had not lost its appeal and the people were as usual, ever so friendly.

Often in my week long vacation here, I wondered why anyone would go anyplace else to soothe their senses when there is the heaven- Kashmir. True that one needs variety but I say a trip to Kashmir every few years can be the most refreshing of all. The ice, the rocks, the hills and the lakes with the rivers and the local people are the constituents of life here in the valley and spending a week here can make you humble and respect nature as it is.

I set out on lone treks and walks and the charisma surrounding me never failed to surprise me with some unusual beauty. It may be said that a few tours to Kashmir are simply not enough; you will definitely get that underlying feeling of settling down here in the pristine haven.

But as life would have it, I had to return to my hometown, return back to my daily life and job. As my vacation came to a close, I realised that if ever I again plan a trip to the hills, it will yet again be Kashmir and no, it will not be monotonous. The variety of activities open to tourists is never- ending. Even shopping has a distinguished charisma, the intricately woven designs on Pashmina and other wool are hard to miss and I could not resist spending some extra money one more time to get my hands on these warm hand- made wearable.

Both my trips to Kashmir are going to be etched in my memory till my last breath and I will know them for being special at both times.


Written by Ravi Goel