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    Dubai Shopping Festival

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    Dubai Shopping festival was organized for the 1st time by the government of Dubai, in the year 1996. This world famous festival is known as a shopper’s paradise where you can view the best retail products. This festival is organized in order to promote trade and commerce in Dubai. This Dubai shopping festival is considered… Read more »

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    How to eat like locals in HongKong

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    Eating good food comes as naturally to me as breathing might come to you. So changing this habit of mine is like changing an integral part of almost of me. I was standing in the Hong Kong trying to eat first the local, street side food and the best recipes for which Hong Kong is… Read more »

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    What Not to Eat During Road Trips

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    This week’s post is on the lighter side, like funny habits of travelers or top attractions for kids. (To be honest, those were funnier than this piece, but this one is more helpful.) I’ve just returned from another work road trip to Kune Mission, Lonavala and while I know this isn’t my classiest habit, I… Read more »

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    Tickle your Kid’s Taste Buds

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    Cooking for kids is tricky at best! They reject foods for all sorts of reasons: spice, texture, ingredients…. Here is a list of recipes for foods that I have found kids, I have come across, love. Some are favorites because they are mild or neutral tasting, others for their well-loved flavors and still others because… Read more »