How to eat like locals in HongKong

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Ravi Goel

Eating good food comes as naturally to me as breathing might come to you. So changing this habit of mine is like changing an integral part of almost of me. I was standing in the Hong Kong trying to eat first the local, street side food and the best recipes for which Hong Kong is known.

The Temple Street Market

Hong Kong has a variety of delectable cuisine amongst which shushi, steak and spaghetti forms an integral part of their diet. The temple street market comes to life at 5 pm which has a wide cut to offer when it comes to seafood. The fried Tofu is among its classic dish and a must eat. The market has come up with English menus and attractive pictures of the dishes so that it becomes easier for the tourist to read the menu and make their selection easier.

Dundas Street and Sai Yeung Choi Street

The Dundas street and the Sai Yeung Choi street is best for electronic lovers and women clothes but you will also find many eating joints which is tasty and less expensive. The choice of food ranges from daring to conservative. For the daring people you will find Octopus legs and for the conservative you have an option of Tofu coupled with battered vegetables. Fish balls are something to die for and will satiate your palate completely. At the Mongkok Station exit D3 you will find coconut milk, waffles and Ice Milk teas so that you can grab a quick bite on the go.

TsimShaTsui: Haiphong Road

TsimSha Tsui and Haiphong Road has high end luxury stores. At the Haiphong Road you will find juice bar with fresh fruits and vegetables, you can pick your own fruits and vegetables and they will immediately blend it for you. A perfect place and a sigh of relief for all the vegetarians

Hong Kong has a wide range of fruit to offer whether you want to sit and dine or you want a quick takeaway. Whatever you might feel it still can be termed as Gourmet’s Paradise.

Written by Ravi Goel