Down Those Streets

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Ravi Goel

(Best streets in the world)

Streets have always been romanticized and extolled by everyone. Be it poets, song writers or novelists; the streets are always drenched in the drops of romance, celebration, entertainment, recreation & glee! They are always full of little stories, astonishing life changing incidents and even struggle to make ends meet in that case. Enriched with so much life, streets display the true art & culture of the place which is so much easier to understand and appreciate. It is said that if you want to absorb the true essence of any place, you need to explore the streets of the city. And who knows? You might get to see some amazing things which an expensive holiday would fail to provide.

So, here I am again to take you through some of the best streets in the word, walking on which will invigorate your entire experience of travelling!

Street food has its own enigma. Even if you have enough cash for a decent dinner, you won’t miss a chance to taste the ethnicity and spices of the city. The tangy pinch with a strong smell of roasted chicken and lime just pulls you towards the stalls. Apart from that, eating out on streets is altogether a different experience. It’s like walking barefoot on grass even after having shoes (Narrow connection but it still explains the feel). When you eat out in the open with the city running behind you, and you are surrounded with all your friends who are continuously talking and you can see the street lights and other activities happening around, you somehow enjoy your treat more. Each of those things act like different flavours and it’s surprising how one can enjoy every drop of juice spurting out in mouth with so much going around. It’s the magic of the streets.

To explore some of the best foodie streets, Honk Kong is the place to visit. The city is famous for everything from snake soup to egg tarts, and serves up an interesting mix of Cantonese delicacies and Western favorites. Markets like those on Temple Street in Yau Ma Tei, the Ladies Market on Tung Choi Street and Kowloon City are popular places to peruse Hong Kong’s street food scene and taste test items like hot pots, curried fish balls and skewers of stinky tofu. Marrakech, Morocco is another spot you can’t miss. The heart of Marrakech’s street food culture is Djemaa el-Fna, which daylights as the city’s main square, but moonlights as an impressive spread of about 100 open-air food stalls. Rue El Kassabin is the key spot to savor street food in this city. The area serves up a variety of other street food fare including bean soup, escargot, sausage sandwiches and Moroccan-style macaroons. For the best desserts in the world, you can find a huge scoop of Gelato in any street of Italy.

Well, for all the shopaholics; what can be a better place than a street full of all the best stores which give everything? Fifth Avenue, New York is considered to be the best shopping street. Though it is recently flooded by suburban mall favorites likes the Disney Store, Abercrombie & Fitch and H&M, Fifth Avenue remains New York’s (and one of the world’s) best shopping street. It’s still home to landmark department stores, designer boutiques, and spectacular window displays, especially around Christmas times. Apart from that Bond Street in London, AVENUE MONTAIGNE in PARIS & BAHNHOFSTRASSE in ZURICH are some of the best streets to shop! All set for good splurging ladies? *Khchinggg*

For all the Vogue and Cosmo fans, fashion streets in Milan are your paradise. When it’s fashion, it has to be Milan! This becomes obvious when one moves in the center of fashion capital. Stylish dressed men in tailored made suits of fine fabric rush down the roads on the way to the bank with a short stop for an espresso at the bar. Elegant ladies with well maintained hairstyles and amazing handbags walk erect in small groups through the shopping streets. The young slim girls in their contemporary dresses move skillfully on their high heels (stilettos). It’s like a high budget concept fashion show. Show if you don’t get a ticket, you can experience the same fever on the streets.

Among the most picturesque streets in the world, Bonn Street in Germany is my personal favorite. After cold days of winter, the earth comes back to life. Finally spring comes to Germany and flowers begin to bloom. King of the seasons changes the face of people’s life too. The sun is still shining till almost 9:30 pm; therefore you have time for outdoor fun after working for a whole day.

Rua Gonçalo de Carvalho is another beautiful street which will leave you awestruck! The trees on Rua Gonçalo de Carvalho create a dense shaded area. From above, it looks as if a forest has filled in between all of the neighboring buildings. When in bloom, they have lovely yellow flowers.

I think now, you have enough information to be street smart now. Hah!

Written by Ravi Goel