Field Trip to Kune Mission Lonavala

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Ravi Goel

Outing just before the exams can be a little tight and of course people will be skeptical and hesitant because of all the preparation and syllabus left to do. I couldn’t leave it for the world. When it’s about travelling and exploring places you have never seen before, I’m one step ahead. I have heard so much about it from my seniors and I packed and I was all set to leave for Kune Mission which kind of lies between Khandala and Lonavala.

Our bus left the campus by 7:30 am and we reached Kune Mission by 9:30 am (It was because of the traffic, otherwise it generally takes around 1:30 hours). Pune Lonavala expressway has always been beautiful with lot of waterfalls and amazing scenic view of hills and valleys but every time you  see it, you fall in love with it over again as you feel the cool breeze on you face sitting beside the window. Well, the time passed by pretty quickly admiring the beauty and we reached our destination. When I got out of the bus, I was amazed to see the beautiful campus. Two hut shaped lodging spaces (separately for boys and girls), one beautiful old church, a huge dining space and a beyond that, a big open classroom space surrounded by valley from three sides. We had our first classroom session with our director there which was based on Hindustani Indian Classical music. The description of Raga Malhar and Sarangi went in complete sync with the soft sound of gushing water from the water falls beside us and as we listened to Carnatic Music, the cool wind blew across messing up everybody’s hair. The session was enchanting. We broke for lunch and then tea and after that it was Trekking Time!

Before leaving for the trekking site called ‘Shooting Point’, we went in the backyard and saw that legendary waterfall where the first Liril ad was shot. It is called legendary because it was the first ad in India which showed a woman in bathing suit. (Yes! We media students would kill for places like these). We left after a group picture and then the sight abducted my soul and took it to the deep creek I could see beneath. It was beautiful! This name befuddles me till now. Why is it called Shooting Point? Every famous location has a suicide point and if nothing else, this huge canyon with its terrifying plunge and cascading waterfalls would be ideal for love sick romantics to prove that love can die. I digress. Why should we talk about death when one is in the lap of Nature?



Written by Ravi Goel