Five Most Romantic Places in the World

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Ravi Goel

“True love is felonious. You take someone’s breath away. You rob them of the ability to utter a single word. You steal a heart.”

Words are less to describe the feeling of true love. Even after thousands of poetry and songs are written with the sole intention of expounding this feeling; it remains inexplicable. According to me, everything on this planet emits some vibes which metamorphose into flames of amity. Be it the outfit you wear, vehicles you ride, movies you see or the places you visit. You can always pick out each of these which denote the feeling of love in some or the other way. When it comes to places, how wonderful will it be if visiting some place upturns those untouched stones of passion inside your heart? So, let’s visit the top five places which involuntarily will make you fall in love with the person you visit them with.


Fifth among them is Monte Carlo in Monaco. This is the best place for the lovers who like their romance to be more on a wild side. From car racing sprees to high stake gambling sessions to nail biting sports tournaments and the list never ends once you get out of bedroom. One of the most romantic features of Monte Carlo is the Princess Grace Rose Garden, named after the late Grace Kelly which is one of the best places to get engaged in the world. Its unique location along the charming marina makes you fall in love all over again.


Fourth on the list is Santorini in Greece. When you sit along the Aegean Sea on a beautifully built restaurant with sparkly staircase and watch the sun setting behind the dwarfed hills in the sea, you can only drool over and cherish everything around. One look just won’t be enough. All you can do is sit and stare till the small yacht disappears into the horizon and the sunlight covers the island in yellow then red then orange and crimson tint.


Venice in Italy
holds the third position. Looking at it will make you forget the city of your dreams. The floating town has so much to offer including breathtaking sights, dainty floral shops and on-water music shows. The most romantic of all is the gondola ride which will melt every wax of zeal within you and if you get lucky enough, a singing gondolier might accompany you in the ride of your life.


Second place is taken by Barcelona in SpainRegarded as the most beautiful city in Spain, Barcelona is the perfect place to take a romantic getaway. C’mon, haven’t you seen ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’? The lights, the moon, the wind, the streams; everything will touch the strings of the softest spot in you. And what can be a better way to explore a beautiful city than 4000 feet above the ground with a panoramic view? Hot air balloon ride comes first in the ‘things to do’ list!


Above all stands the most romantic city in the world, Paris in France.The city filled with gourmet cuisine, niche art, fashionable boutiques, and glamorous vogue is the perfect place to be with the loved one or even tie the knot. Nothing can be better that the two fortes of Paris put together. You can enjoy ravishing view and excellent food by dining inside the Eiffel Tower.

So which one of these are you going to visit first?

Written by Ravi Goel