My Experience with Pack and Go

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Ravi Goel

I was always interested in travelling but I never knew so many unspoken things you need to know before travelling. When I started working with Pack n Go, it was a mere internship and I was looking forward to it because I am an aspiring lifestyle journalist. Little did I know that this part time job will make me change my perspectives towards travel industry! You might find it hard to believe but now all my friends ask me before travelling anywhere or if they want to know anything about any place. This is only because I have travelled, read up and researched so much on so many locations and all the credit goes to Pack n Go. I never knew that there exists a pink lake in Australia or that we can travel to Kenya without visa. I am not only more aware, but this internship has made me more confident. Every week I keenly wait for more new topics to come and I just can’t get enough of all of them.

How can it not be exciting to anyone when you get paid for something which is so interesting, informative and fun? Initially my friends were supportive by promoting the site with me but now they have actually become really interested in what I do. Even they wait for the fun fact post everyday because they get to see something they never knew existed and get to learn something without making any effort.

Now, getting down on a little personal note, this job at Pack n Go will always be very special to me because this is the first paid project I’m doing. I have no idea how proud my father will be when I’ll give him my first pay check. But now, it is not at all about the money. I would continue with this job even if I’m not paid (I hope my boss is not reading). For me job satisfaction comes first and I have never been happier. I literally get a mini orgasm every time I finish my article and read it over and over again.

Plus, in my opinion this is an amazing place to work in. I, as an employee am given full attention, my all queries are answered as soon as possible and my work is respected and I’m given full credit for it. If people from the organization are reading this, Thumbs up for you all!

In the end, I just want to say that for me, this has become so much more than an internship. I love working here and I hope I keep getting happier as the time passes.  

Written by Ravi Goel