South Korean Mud can make you look beautiful!!!

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Ravi Goel

This blog goes out to all those women who have dug holes in their pockets by buying the most expensive cosmetic to look beautiful but have failed miserably to get any result…

..So come and join the Boryeong Mud Festival situated around 200 km south of Seoul, South Korea and it was first staged in 1998.


We have seen marketers spending heavily on advertisement and print media to push their products and finally get them sold but never in the dream of dreams did anbody ever thought that they will invent an altogether new festival to promote their range of cosmetics which were produced from mud collected from the mud flats of Boryeong and this mud is believed to be rich in minerals. The idea behind celebrating this festival was to educate people about the mud and the cosmetics manufactured out of it. This is how the Boryeong festival came in to existence.

The festival starts from the first week of July in which the mud is taken from mud flats of Boryeong and is then transported to Daecheon beach area which is used as the ‘Mud Experience Land’. The festival also holds a series of competitions like mud pool, mud slides, mud prison and mud skiing.
A small market selling mud cosmetics can also be seen at the beach area. Various therapies like Accupuncture, massage and other treatment using the medicinal quality of the mud are also performed. The festival ends with a large firework display


A thing which was initiated as a marketing vehicle has now become a full fledged festival which is celebrated and will be celebrated over the years to come.

Written by Ravi Goel