Tourism in Brazil

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Ravi Goel

Before going to any vacation, it is necessary to have a reason to go there to seize everything the country has to offer. For example, people visit India for its rich culture and heritage. Brazil is a land of festivals, nature, crazy parties and incredible culture. It is so much more than the land of sun and surfing.


With the FIFA World Cup coming up in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016, Brazil has only become more magnetic and is luring more attention than it already was with supermodels, samba music and soccer stars.

Brazil’s biggest problem in promoting itself as a destination is that there is really too much there to collect and give all the glimpses in one concise package. This write-up might help you in detangling your brains and deciding the perfect destinations for your perfect holiday.


Christ the Redeemer Statue

Christ the Redeemer Statue is one of the gems that the astounding city Rio de Janerio posses. Rising from the small scattered buildings stands the great and magnanimous statue of Christ which seems to bestow the entire city with its enigmatic aura. At some 700-odd meters, it is one of the tallest peaks around and amongst which Rio is built and offers some staggering views of the city and bay.


Brazilian beaches are another plum reason of visiting the country. There are over 2000 beaches stretching along Brazil’s shoreline and over 1000 islands dot the Atlantic Ocean within the country limits. Copacabana is 4 km of white sand and pure pleasure. The weather and the scenic beauty will give you a mental orgasm of sanity and nirvana. Albeit, because of the blindingly charming captivity of beaches, one should not miss out on jungles in Brazil. There are different kinds of tours; one of the safest is a day one that takes you through the ever green rainforest, watching wild animals and super cute pink dolphins. Your fear of anacondas and piranhas should not stop you in enjoying this bit of the trip


Football Game

Returning from Brazil without watching a football game is like buying the ticket but not watching the movie. The football fever will make you drool on the field over the players and the energy of that power packed stadium will give you an adrenaline rush. All of uncontrolled Brazilian temper with screaming and swearing will end with a glass of a fine beer. Important tip is to avoid political discussions when you are drinking as it is another passion of hot-tempered Brazilians.



Last but not the least are the vibrant Carnivals of Brazil which will make you feel as if all the colors on planet are concentrated together in a small capsule and that capsule is exploded over the country. The experience is flabbergasting. Beautiful dancers jiving on samba music, their vivid costumes, the peppy atmosphere, the synchronized parade, jaw dropping magic shows and vivid feathers will take your breath away. This action cannot be missed if you are in Brazil. The show aired in almost all countries is probably the most exciting festival you could imagine.

Written by Ravi Goel