Donot Follow the Crowd

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Ravi Goel

Close your eyes and think of your dream destination, a place where you want to go once before you die. It can even be superficial or hypothetical. Just picture a place and the person you want to go with. C’mon do it! What did you see? Something very beautiful and extravagant I am sure, something so hallucinatory that you can happily agree to spend your entire life there. Some of you might have pictured an incredible green meadow with moonlight; some of you might have pictured a quiet serene beach with city lights flickering from a distance or a tree house away from hustle bustle with a sea view or a tent on a snowy mountain or a small island in the centre of a lake etc. This list can go on.

 You didn’t realize but one thing was common in all of your dream destinations (or whatever you were picturing). They weren’t crowded. You were not struggling to breathe or walk on the street or hold hands with your partner. You didn’t stand in the queue for 30 minutes just to get your favorite coffee. You didn’t return to home with a huge disappointment of not seeing the major attractions because of uncontrollable crowd. Feeling claustrophobic already? A perfect holiday should always be as smooth as silk and for that you have to pick paces which are not crowded. You might be wondering why will such beautiful places will be deprived of people and tourists but the fact is there are some gorgeous destinations perfect for a calm holiday which are not touched by urban populous.

Three times the size of Texas, Greenland is mostly covered by Earth’s second largest ice cap. Not surprisingly, its 58,000 inhabitants cluster in coastal communities. It’s not likely that population will expand dramatically until there is more trade and international exchange. Some tourists, however, are beginning to seek out the planet’s less populated spots—including Greenland. Visitors can’t help but be awestruck by hauntingly beautiful frozen backdrops, meandering ice rivers, calving glaciers, and the contradiction of lush green meadows and sparse tundra.

Aruba is another beautiful destination which has not got the amount of attention it deserves. (Yes! You are right. You heard about it in FRIENDS). You may be scratching your head with this one. Summer in the Caribbean…really? Yes, really! Think about what a New York feels like in the dead of August. Because most Canadians and Europeans are also on summer vacation, you’re dealing with crowds in every major tourist city across the nation, which this is why the Caribbean should be your first choice. The summer months in Aruba promise empty beaches, cheap resort rates and cooler temperatures. So if warm, azure horizons, cool tropical breezes, smiling faces, and Caribbean cuisine sound enticing, leave the crowds behind and hop a plane to friendly Aruba.

With roughly three million people living in a country nearly the size of Alaska, Mongolia averages fewer than two people per square kilometer (about half a square mile). Most of that population is in urban areas, since development in Mongolia’s vast deserts and grazing lands is hindered in part by drought and dust storms, leaving those parts of the country nearly as empty as they were in Genghis Khan’s time.

Ever heard of Suriname? This Dutch-speaking country is north of Brazil and is the smallest country in South America. Tourism focuses on Amazonian rainforests in the south, but spectacular waterfalls are located throughout the country. Capital Paramaribo is located in the north and is home to the country’s 560,000 inhabitants. People describe a culture of restaurants, shopping venues and night spots, alongside “an untamed jungle utterly away from the things of man”.
Namibia is about the size of Texas and Louisiana combined and home to about 2.1 million people, but vast stretches of its arid landscape are extremely uncrowded. Namibia is primarily a desert country, and like many of those on this list, it has its environmental challenges. Still, the country features an enlightened approach to natural resources and was the first in the world to mandate environmental protection in its constitution.

Written by Ravi Goel