The Blues and Greens of Andaman (Andaman and its beaches)

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Ravi Goel

Both blue and green are the colors of calmness, tranquility and solitude. When you see both these colors together, you feel fresh, breezy and invigorated. Well, Andaman beaches are like this huge watery canvas full of these nippy and cool colors which make you addicted to the serenity and amity of that place. You are drowned in the silence of the nature, seeping into the stillness where you can feel your heartbeat at the centre of your forehead. Andaman is magical; it’s hypnotizing and has the power to captivate you in its azure ornamental cage.

The best part about Andaman is its beaches. They are like vast sheets of sand spread across the glistening waters sprinkled with lush green foliage which makes it look more beautiful. Andaman has some of the best beaches in the world and the cherry on top is that the beaches there are mostly uncrowded. You can feel the magic of nature as you holiday on pure virgin beaches as you relax on soft sands with breeze caressing your soft skin with unadulterated affection. Situated in the Bay of Bengal, Andaman Islands are strewn with sun soaked beaches rich in coconuts and tropical fruits. So let us venture out a bit to check out some of the best beaches of Andaman!

Corbyn’s Cove Beach is a serene beach covered with green coconut trees which makes it look like a sensual neckline of a tribal woman wearing a leaf necklace. Water sports like scuba diving, surfing and boating are the main attractions of the beach. Situated 8 kilometers away from the city, it is surrounded with some oh-so-awesome restaurants like The Waves Restaurant, the Peerless Sarovar Portico Resort and the Hornbill Nest Guest House.yer…

Radhanagar Beach popularly called beach no. 7 is among the top five beaches in Asia. It is, without a doubt one of the best beaches in the world. When the sun shines on the golden sand and it shines like Golden Fleece against the luminous waves, it looks like golden cape with transparent lining in the end which is hiding all the conjuring beneath it. A thick coastline of trees makes the spot more picturesque. The pin drop silence is broken by a soft splash of the wave against your feet and then it becomes quiet again, only to be disturbed by another wave. All that is present there is beauty, turquoise, blue and you!

On Elephant beach in Havelock Island, people can watch training of elephants and elephants swimming in sea. Water sports like scuba diving and snorkeling are also practiced there. This spot is generally untouched by the tourists. You can go snorkeling to make new friends like eels, sea-horses and starfish!


Long Island Beach is 82 kilometers away from Port Blair. It’s a wide spread beach with excellent unpolluted environment and leafy forests. The sea around this island is often frequented by small groups of dolphins which give you another reason to visit it.

Written by Ravi Goel