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Ravi Goel

Sometimes space is what is badly needed in a relationship and that is what exactly  I was looking for, some space. But there is a word of caution feeling claustrophobic does not mean that you should walk out of the relationship altogether rather just stay there as a hasty decision might make you repent later. Here was a friend of mine who shared a lot of things in common but off late we couldn’t agree on a single thing and that was making my stay with her difficult I couldn’t stay with her nor could I move out. It was only then that this trip to the best destinations in India was on cards.

I had packed my bags and left for Kashmir one of the beautiful places in India.  My journey to Kashmir started from Gulmarg with its close proximity to Srinagar. The roads are bordered by rigid rice fields. The nature’s green translucent colors  is what which refreshed my mind and is covered with fir trees along the hillsides. From Gulmarg we headed for Phalgham which is one of the premiere resort of Kashmir and has the most undulating meadow of Baisaran surrounded by thick pine trees. Hajan is a favourite picnic spot and is considered the best place for film shoots as well.

From Kashmir we went to Goa which is known for its sandy beaches especially Anjuna Beach. The sun bath, the serene blue waters, the fresh coconut water is what Goa is known and one could go to almost every beach in Goa but cannot miss Anjuna Beach  which lies north of Baga and Calangute and the best way to reach the place is either hire a bicycle or take a motorbike with which you can easily have a joy ride and have a closer feel of the beauty of nature. If you are at the Anjuna beach you should check out the Curlie’s at the end of the beach which is the perfect place to listen to music or just sit and see the waves crashing on the sea shore. For shoppers it has a flea market selling traditional Goa stuff to all the travellers.

The next destination on our list was Darjeeling, one can go to Darjeeling and not miss the Dhirdam Temple which has the Lord Shiv’s statue depicting the “Pancha Bakram Tri Netram” which means five different facial expressions of Lord Shiv in different moods and the roof of the temple has a Tibetan structure and is close to the railway station too. When you think of Darjeeling you think of the fresh tea leaves so you will not leave a chance to visit the Happy Valley tea Estate which has a magnificent view of Mt Kanchenjunga and crematorium of some famous personalities. The estate is one of the oldest and world renowned producing the finest tea.

A must visit place in India is Kerala and the real beauty of Kerala lies in its backwaters and since Kerala is known as God’s Own Country so we had extra reason to visit the place. The most important beautiful being Alappuzha district, the Kuttanad region which is also known as the rice bowl of Kerala. The best way to experience these backwaters is through house boat which we had hired and most of these backwaters are used for farming, agriculture, fishing and transportation. Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is well renowned bird sanctuary and it is known for its avian population. You will find many migratory birds like egret, Kingfishers, owls, heron and Siberian stork.

Ladakh is a destination which is still less discovered by tourists but its beauty will keep you mesmerized throughout your journey. We took bikes to explore Ladakh and I guess it is the best way to analyze its real beauty through your naked eye. The Pangong Lake in Ladakh is considered to be the most beautiful lake in the world and I think you are going to get a unanimous opinion on this. The journey commences from the Thiksey Village and though the distance required to reach the Pangong Lake might look small but it actually take a lot of time to cover it.

When I was done with the almost a world tour I had planned for there was a constant yearning to go back home which was Delhi and I was missing my friend badly. I had kept my fingers crossed thinking that the moment I enter my room we should not end up fighting again. So as soon as I reached and rung the door bell to my surprise my friend opened it and hugged me so tightly that I couldn’t simply breathe. I could feel her tears falling on my sleeves when she said the following- ‘I missed you’. Such is the magic of staying away for sometime to develop a yearning for each other but it should be kept in mind that the yearning doesn’t get transformed into completely forgetting the person all together.

Written by Ravi Goel