When September Begins (Festivals of September)

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Ravi Goel

Considered as one on the most mundane months of the year, September is not something people look forward to. The countdown for Navaratri & Deepawali begins and people start praying for the month to end as soon as possible. September, out of all the months also has the most unpredictable and peculiar weather in the year. So after digging deep, I found not one, not two but innumerable exciting and culturally rich festivals all around the globe celebrated in September. So time to Pack n Go to all the corners of the world which will make you September electrifying.


First Stop- Venice, Italy

Regata Storica is a boat race in Venice which is as exciting as it sounds. These rowing races on the Grand Canal commemorate the welcome given to Caterina Cornaro, wife of the King of Cyprus, in 1489 after she renounced her throne in favor of Venice. The boats are decked up with lot of decorations and the rowers are dressed in period costume which makes it all the more fun. The race are nail biting and are surrounded by thousands of people swearing and cheering with all their might. It happens on the first Sunday of September


Second Stop- Tuscany,Italy

Giostra del Saracino is a parade where people are dresses like knights and maidens and they ride the horse with a baton in their hand. Churches are decorated with pictures of 12th-century crusaders and the streets fill with costumes from an era predating even Giorgio Vasari, the Renaissance heavyweight who grew up here. This festival is also celebrated on the First Sunday of September.


Third Stop- Lobamba, Swaziland

Umhalanga Danceis one of the most exotic and rare kind of dance forms in the world. Swaziland might be a pint size country but their festival is famous all across the globe. All the men and women take part and dance along with Umhalanga (reed) over their head. Like all the other rituals, this festival is meant to find right partner. It is celebrated in early September.


Fourth Stop- Staffordshire

England Horn Dance begins on the second Monday of the month September at 8 am sharp. The participants take the six sets of deer antlers, which carbon dating has revealed to be about 1000 years old, from the church and dance in front of the light and it creates defined shadows on the walls behind the performance. The horns carried are rather heavy and weigh upto 7kg to 11 kg.


Fifth Stop- China

Mid-Autumn Festival also called the moon cake festival is a gala for all the people having sweet tooth. It’s the China’s harvest festival and is celebrated by making cakes and sweetmeats. The cakes, made of a thin dough shell containing fillings such as jelly, dates and nuts or red bean paste, start appearing everywhere a month before the celebration. It is held on September full moon, during autumn equinox.


Last Stop- County Galway, Ireland
Galway Oyster Festival is celebrated in the last fill week of September. It is dedicated to Ostrea edulis, the European flat oyster. The local oysters are left o grow into juicy delicacy in clean waters for three full years. After they are ready to be consumed, thousands of slippery critters are eaten and lots of free oysters are distributed as well. So sea-food lovers, hop on!

So from now on if anybody calls this month a boring one, you have a long spiel prepared. Waking up after September ends is not the best idea I guess!

Written by Ravi Goel