Ayurveda Tourism in India

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Ravi Goel


Life today is filled with nasty entrapments and mundane struggles which don’t allow you to escape the tribulations in life even if you want to. Surrounded by concrete jungles, people are looking for reasons to get out of this ghastly captivity and give themselves some peace of mind. In such scenario, tranquility and rest comes in precedence of fun and entertainment. With the increasing work pressure and load, people have started seeking places which can uplift them from all the physical and emotional agony they have been facing rather that places where they can jive and waste more energy.

The idea of vacation or taking a break is rotating to reveal its other side which can be more relaxing and reviving. Ayurveda or Medical or Yoga Tourism deals with all the places that specialize in giving excellent yoga, spa and ayurvedic treatments. This is a booming industry and growing by the rate of 30%, it is expected to reach 2 billion by the year 2015. India is a host to about five lakh people every year who come from all over the globe to release their stress and energize themselves. Medical tourism holds a big share in Indian tourism and has widened the gateway to Indian Culture.


India stands fourth in the list of Best 10 places for Medical Tourism in the world after Brazil, Costa Rica and Hungary. Rishikesh is the best place to be visited as it is regarded as the yoga capital of India. It is one of the holiest places situated in Uttaranchal in north India. Lot of pilgrims go there every year to get out of everyday hubbub and attain some peace of mind. It is also the abode to many yoga institutions like Srivanda Ashram, Yoga Study Centre , Sacha Vedic Sansthan, Sri Ved Niketan etc where over 15 million followers benefit by yoga science campus conducted in India and abroad.

Another place which aces the spa and Vedic treatments for mental as well as physical relief is Kerala. Kerala has a number of spiritual retreats and ashrams perched along its beautiful beaches of Arabian Sea, serving as exotic locations at the foot of beautiful Western Ghat hills of Kerala for a pleasurable stay and a life time experience. Each year, thousands of people from around the world take home the experience of indulging in Yoga in Kerala. Yoga retreats like Ayurved Yoga villa in Karakula, Sanathan Yoga in Cochin, Yoga shala in Kovalam, Shivananada Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantri, and other Yoga and ayurvedic resorts greet tourist seeking Yoga in Kerala with the best of hospitality and service.

“Rollercoaster ride is not what people are looking for these days. They want a real break where they can release all the accumulated sludge inside their body”, said Yogi Suyash Singh who has worked in medical tourism from past 8 years in Maldives, Dubai, Chennai, Mumbai and is presently working in New Delhi. When asked about the increasing number of tourists in this sector, he answered, “Well, people were not so conscious about their body shape earlier but with the growing trend of size zero, more and more people want to join yoga classes to get in shape.” When told to mention his favorite place in and around India for a relaxing holiday, he said, “Maldives without any doubt. I have worked there and the ambience will just make you fall in love with the place. You’ll actually feel lighter when you are there. Apart from that, I love ayurvedic treatments in Kerala because it’s the God’s country after all and also it’s really beautiful.”

Written by Ravi Goel