Most Weird Place to Get Married

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Ravi Goel

Almost all of us have heard the age old Indian adage – Marriages are made in heaven but Trang province of Thailand seems to be an exception to the rule by making it happen underwater.


On 14th February i.e Valentines Day, every year since 1996, the Underwater Wedding Ceremony has been arranged in Trang Province, Thailand. Trang province has a unique concept behind such underwater weddings which is Sea of True Love: “Let Love Lead You Far Away”. This year, Trang Underwater Wedding Ceremony marks the 16th anniversary with 40 couples registered to take part. The wedding culture hails from the wedding culture prevalent in Trang Province in which loved ones take vows and register their marriage underwater.

You must have scratched your head or you might have had the worst nightmares thinking what to gift your girlfriend on the Valentine’s Day keeping in mind that it has to be different so why not propose her the ‘Trang Underwater Wedding Way’. Wedding proposals are many but a proposal like this can make your loved one’s sweep her off her feet. It sounds weird at the first thought but it is interesting to know that people go to such extremes to actually make it happen.

I have heard that love can take you to any extent, make you cross boundaries, love is pure, true, divine and deep and but I never thought that it is so deep so as to take you underwater.

If the wedding proposal is different so should be its preparations. It is no joke to ask your darling princess to wear her traditional dress with an extra piece of jewelry which is scuba diving masks. Neither the girl nor the boy is required to have driving lessons but they should be taking scuba diving lessons in order to have a successful underwater marriage.

The guests at the wedding can also be invited underwater but if the guests are not as adventurous as you are you can go for a similar arrangement on a huge, massive and decorative boat. Post wedding a nice reception can be arranged for you guests with lavish food items followed by a couple dance to make it a perfect evening both offer the guests and the loved ones. There are many hotels also in Thailand which have tied up for an underwater honeymoon suite as well so that it gels with the underwater wedding.

So this Valentine’s Day book your tickets for Trang province of Thailand and let this be a surprise for your sweet adorable girlfriend so that what may be a simple Valentine’s gift for your girlfriend might turn out to be an extremely adventurous scuba dive wedding for your princess. The best wedding she could have ever imagined in her dreams not by bending on your knees but by holding hands and floating in water till it leads you far away. Let her cherish her wedding and narrate this sweet yet emotional fairy tale to her daughters and granddaughters as her eyes welled with tears.

Written by Ravi Goel