Kashmir Calling

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Ravi Goel

Want to escape the summer heat of the plains? Or do you simply wish to experience a new culture? Kashmir is the answer to all your desires. Get packed and head to the valley of dreams to spend some time in the quietude of the hills.


Beat the heat!

The mountainous marvel that is the Valley of Kashmir is indeed the much needed respite from the sunny days of the plains. The cozy enclaves within this valley are an open invitation for all to come and explore the comfortable summery winters.

Beauty and Solitude

It’s time to leave behind the hubbub of the city life and move to the land of solitude, away from all kinds of worries and pressures. Yes, this is another reason why you should be heading to Kashmir this summer- spend some time with yourself, relaxing in this natural abode. Simply spending some tim with oneself or the family can go a long way in improving the vacation time.

Shop Away, the Ethnic Way…

Kashmir is known world over for Pashmina shawls and embroidered clothes and handicrafts. Splurge your heart out while you walk in the local markets and experience a new tradition while you interact with the natives of the valley.

Get Adventurous!

It’s time to add some spice into your life. Strap up and get busy exploring the nature in a thrilling way. The summers in the Kashmir Valley are different and can be very exciting. River rafting, para gliding, trekking and camping are some of the many activities offered here that will rejuvenate your soul for weeks to come.

The Shikara Ride

The Shikara community has been living in a world of their own for a very long time and a two hour ride in the majestic Dal Lake is an experience to behold. The best part about a ride in the Shikara is that you can even shop while you are on board the thin rowing boat, and you can eat. There are many tourist spots that have developed over the years near the Dal Lake, owing the increasing popularity of the Shikara rides.

The list of reasons to plan a get- away to the Kashmir Valley is endless. There is adventure, there is solitude, there is beauty and there are all the other elements you can think of for the perfect holiday. Kashmir is a paradise in its own right and nothing can beat the enigma that it is.

Written by Ravi Goel