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Ravi Goel

What is the first picture that comes to your mind when somebody talks about Goa?

Beach & beer or beach party or beach walk but nobody goes beyond the beaches to explore the real authenticity of the city. The stereotypical view restricts the visitors from seeing the real Goa. What they see is only a small part of it and what they miss is the heartfelt portion of the city. A holiday will not be called a holiday until you seize every drop of joy squeezed out of every sensation that destination provides.


If you want a real HOLIDAY in Goa, you need to soak every essence that even a small grain of sand in Goa has to offer and we will help you in doing that.


Apart from all the crazy sights, sound, places and food of Goa, there are some hallmarks which are the soul in city’s body.

Goa isn’t Goa without a full fleshed power packed Road Trip.Hire a bike and hit the road feeling the fragrance and mist in the air penetrating you as you drive along to disappear in the beautiful sunset. All the places in Goa are criss-crossed with intricate roads and pathways which are generally surrounded by paddy fields and row of quaint village cottages. As you pass through the streets, the streets will pass through you and you will inhale a new scent that Goa never emitted before. The ride hits the perfection at dusk, when both the city and sky are half lit and pathways are dotted by small shop where you can stop for snacking!


When people talk about fantasies coming true in Goa, they talk about every wild, adventurous and out of the box thing they think of doing and getting inked is one of them. Anyone would like a tattoo because in some apparent way it showcases your creativity, attitude towards life and a small part of you which is hidden somewhere only you know but majority of the people are apprehensive to take chance with their skin and foredooming infections or allergies. Goa is famous for black Henna Tattoos by tribal tattoo artist right on the beach. The most beautiful part of a henna tattoo is that it is completely herbal and it fades away after a couple of weeks so there is no way you can be bound for too long by a beer fuelled choice of design!


As the night descends, flea markets and street shops start lightening up and it looks like grandma’s little casket full of sparkles, shells, velvets stars and some antiquated beautiful things like beads or raw coins fell spreading all that glitter around.

Out of all those, the Indigo Saturday Night Market (Arpora) is the prime attraction for the tourists and a must visit place.

Started by a German hippie who was too much in love with Goa to leave, Indigo Night Market is now one of the most extravagant features of Goa and it sells everything ranging from prettiest to bizarre objects. You can shop for glitter bags and bone necklaces or simply click pictures and browse through stalls put up by the people from all across the globe.


Old Goa is another region which is highly overlooked but flaunts one of the most beautiful churches in the country. The Basilica of Bom Jesus located in Old Goa is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It contains the tomb and mortal remains of St Francis Xavier. A must visit for first-timers! With an exuberant culture celebrating Portugal & Christian influence on Goa, Christmas is the best time to visit. Being a pre-dominantly Christian state, Goa lights up like Manhattan during Christmas. The free fenny spree on various shops, the carolers, the pretty lanterns put all across the city and huge Christmas trees decorated with stars and candies are more than a visual treat.

Adventure never escapes a good vacation…….


Indulge into Water Sports like surfing, jet skiing or parasailing to invigorate yourself. And if you are still lying on beach thinking you’re enjoying the spirit of Goa in best possible way, go have breakfast at Infantaria, go on a cruise, spend night on a beach and party hard so that you can affirmatively go and tell your fellow mates that you witnessed the real Goa-aaah!

Written by Ravi Goel