Hong Kong-Beyond Disney Land

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Ravi Goel

Have you ever played Contra? Or Mario? Or any other video game with those colorful and spruce background settings? Admit it or not, every single one of us has pictured ourselves in those animated gaming cities. ‘What would it be like walking in Liberty City or San Andreas? What would it be like riding an Infernus or Bloodring Banger?’ For some weird reason, the town behind that gaming screen looks perfect. So systematic, so organized, so colorful, pepped up, happening and beautiful. It is every teenager’s (or even adult’s in that case) dream to go visit any of those mystically supernatural cities!

Honk Kong is THAT perfect!
Flashy and modest, crowded and serene, niche and homely, patterned and miraculous at the same time! The moving tiny colored lights on billboards, the la-di-da architecture, fantabulously  fabulous themed restaurants, irresistible shopping spree, ocean parks, avenue of stars…the list goes on and BOOM; your dream comes true of visiting the city of your dreams which you thought you are too unfortunate to visit! Now I am guessing if anyone briefs the word Hong Kong before you, you’ll think of so much more than Disney Land. So here I am again, to give you more rational reasons to visit this awesome place other than a themed amusement park.

The forte of Hong Kong is its sensational shopping! Everything there is so quirky that you can’t come back without buying anything from there. Whether you’re haggling for souvenirs at the Temple Street night market, checking out the footwear in Asia’s largest shoe department or wandering down streets lined with goldfish sellers, each item is so alluring that it gives you an adrenaline rush just thinking about owning all those pretty bags, shoes and dresses. (sly grin to shopaholics). Hong Kong insiders recommend the quirky, independent boutiques of the Sun, Moon and Star streets in Wan Chai, where barbers stand next to bric-a-brac shops and Monocle magazine’s store.

I know what all men here are thinking! Don’t worry; you won’t get trampled in the gaudy shopping fiasco with your wives or girlfriends. Honk Kong has something which in any way cannot make your trip monotonous. Its glamorous night life! The phrase “living the high life” takes on new meaning when you are 118 floors up at the Ritz-Carlton hotel’s Ozone bar. It’s the highest bar in the world, positioned at the top of the tallest hotel in the world and the views across Victoria harbor are stunning. Apart from that, Hong Kong is buzzing with night clubs and bars which is frequented by very sophisticated populous.


Architecture and food are other two things which will completely bowl you over. The Symphony of Lights is a neon light show which fluctuates in a rhythmic manner along with some south Asian pop music across the city through search lights. The best view of the symphony can by enjoyed from Avenue of Stars. With 11,000 restaurants, you could eat out three times a day for 10 years in Hong Kong and never eat at the same restaurant twice. From floating restaurants to eating up in the air, the city has it all. Tim Ho Wan in Mongkok is one of the best restaurants there.

The unexpected island hopping will add the missing adventure to your trip. There are over 260 islands and they are Hong Kong’s best kept secret. Lantau, Lamma, Peng Chau and Cheung Chau closest to the mainland and the view of the city from the ferry is breathtaking!

Some natural wonders there have the power to hold your breath as well. Sai Kung is known as Hong Kong’s back garden, consisting of a vast area of exotic landforms, parkland and marine habitat. This area is called the National Geopark and is beloved of walkers. It includes a collapsed volcano so large that nobody knows where the centre is. Except all that, this city gives you some of the world’s best spas and sauna treatments which relax your every nerve in the body and Nirvana it is. And yes! They’re not that expensive too. So, time to pamper yourself. From salt spas to fish pedicures (yes, fish cleans your feet), it has everything exotic you thought of.

And last but not the least, the view from Victoria Harbor Peak will summarize your trip perfectly. The city, sky scrapers, lights, the wind…beautiful isn’t it? Can you hear the Mario theme music already? Yes I know it’s not very romantic.

Somebody change the background music please!

Written by Ravi Goel