Tips for Travellers

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Ravi Goel

Travelling to someplace new is definitely an exciting thing. Some people get so excited and nervous that they can’t sleep the day before, they have butterflies in their stomach, and they lose their appetites even. This is only natural. (Forgive me for this much overused expression, but I believe there is no better expression here.)

People tend to get overwhelmed and forget very basic things while faced with the prospect of travelling and breaking routine. Here are some tips that can help you keep your feet on the ground and your head wrapped around the idea of a nice trip. You can put these pointers in a checklist and use it at frequent intervals before you leave! 

1) Make sure you have the proper time: If you’re travelling by some pre-arranged transport, make sure you have the right time. Check, double check and triple check the date and time, whether the time is in 24 hour representation or 12 hour. And when you’re travelling across time zones it is even more crucial; you have to find out which time zone the timings mentioned belong to. It’s better to make not of the equivalent time in your most comfortable time zone.

2) Check your batteries: We are living in an era where people have everything on their phones or tablet PCs or some other electronic device. It’s embarrassing if you have all the addresses on your phone and your phone runs out of battery exactly when you want to catch a cab. Make sure your device has enough electrical charge to hold till you reach your destination or the next charging point. If you have spare batteries, ensure they are fully charged. Especially if you’re driving with the help of some friendly app like Google maps!

3) Research your destination: This may seem very elementary but it is quite important. Ensure you find out everything about the place as possible before you leave. The culture, etiquette and the tolerance level of the people there. Also enquire about the weather and particularly about the weather during the period when you’re visiting. You have to be prepared and need to have the appropriate clothes. Carrying woolens to a place during their summer or carrying Bermuda shorts to some place when it’s snowing is never funny. Also certain attires are considered offensive in some regions; you need to check up on all these aspects or else you might end up buying a new wardrobe for yourself.

4) Make reservations: You have to be prepared and make reservations in all places possible. Be it ticket reservations or hotel reservations. Make sure you don’t get stuck in some place without reservations and without any place to stay or any means to move, especially if it’s a place where you can’t speak their language. Also, if you’re travelling with a kid or some other dependent, it’s always advised to make proper reservations. Also this helps save some money.

5) See if you’re fully packed: See that you have packed everything – checklist can help here. Check if you have your tickets and other needed travel papers; passport if needed. See if you have packed something to help pass time if you have to wait (a book or a puzzle maybe). Never forget to pack your toiletries. And never ever leave for a trip without packing some water and snacks for emergencies.

6) Know your bags: Have some sort of tag on your bags that can help you identify them; especially if you’re travelling by air and you check in your bag. There’s always a possibility that someone else has the exact same bag that you have.

7) Carry some free money: Always carry enough spending money. Have some extra money stashed away with you to help rescue you in emergency situations.

8) Carry a map: Even if you have trusty mobile apps to guide you, it’s always a good idea to carry an up to date paper map of the place you’re visiting; and if you’re driving, a route map to that place too. If you have a guidebook with that map, it’s even better.

 Hope these pointers help you. Bon voyage, reader!

Written by Ravi Goel