My Dream Destination

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Ravi Goel


Your dream destination is usually like a fairy tale which should be just perfect in all sense and even I had one such destination but suiting my personality I wanted it to be a little tough around the corners. So I found in the midst of turquoise blue water of the Indian Ocean a sparkling crystal , an appropriate description to a fairy land, a place which is kept after the name of a princess Maurice Van Nassau, the relentless and unmarked beauty of the place will not only compel you to come again and again but will also linger in your dreams every night you go to bed – Welcome to Mauritius.

Besides, being a natural spectacle, Mauritius has a history to be told a rather tough history which is not as rosy as the place is today. If you see the mountain of Le Morne it holds great importance for Mauritius. Le Morne is considered as a symbol against slavery and a focal point for those who want to commemorate the abolition of the same. The mountain of Le Morne is protected by the mountain and has inaccessible cliffs which became the most appropriate place for slaves who used to hide and take shelter at the place.


Champ De Mars a place which hoisted the official flag raising ceremony in 1968 thereby declaring Mauritius independent. It is also a well known horse track and the oldest race club in the world after the English Jockey Club. Mauritius is also the third country in the world to introduce golf, the Gymkhana club located at Vacoas is the main island for conducting many sport activities.


Mauritius is a blend of diverse cultures and religion and it has traditions and beliefs which are carried down from ancestral countries. Fire Walking and Chinese Spring Festival are two unique festivals which are celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. The fire walking is a festival which takes place in the month of December and February. After purification, meditation and praying people visit the temple and walk slowly across a pit of burning coal which is said to represent the saree of Draupadee before dipping their feet to cool down. Chinese Spring Festival in which using scissor and knife is strictly prohibited and people usually clad in red dress which is a symbol of happiness. A wax cake is typically shared between friends and relatives. The most important is the Dragon Feast where the Chinese dancers and musicians take to the roads to perform the traditional lion dances.

Written by Ravi Goel