Dubai- A Shopper’s Paradise

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Ravi Goel

When I shop, the world gets better, and the world is better.But then it’s not, and I need to do it again!

Yes, if you are a shopaholic, I read your mind, didn’t I? For all the shopping freaks, there isn’t just enough in the world to buy and in the wallet to spend. Malls, sales, splurging, bargaining are all the words from a shopper’s dictionary. You win- you shop, you lose- you shop, you cry- you shop and you laugh- you shop! Still there isn’t a place to give you all what you need in one go! Well, hold your breath because Dubai is going to elevate that little shopper inside you to another level of ecstasy.


The top most reason to shop in Dubai is Dubai Shopping Festival. From years, it has become much more than a festival for shopping. There are sales with crazy discounts, citywide promotions, blatant publicity, raffles and ballyhoo created by the best shops from all across the world. But apart from that, there are several entertainment shows, street fairs with food stalls, traditional performances, heritage and driving village, firework show and other cultural activities. It’s held in January and February which are the months of the best season in Dubai.


Dubai Shopping festival became so popular that they started a summer equivalent of that called Summer Surprises. Summer holidays in school make the festival more family oriented as it is full of kids. It even has a mascot called Modhesh which looks like yellow bicycle pump. It’s held in June to the end of August. If Dubai is a shopping paradise, the Dubai Shopping Malls are the golden staircase leading towards it. Apart from innumerable options of brands and products, they’re a place for socializing, meeting up friends, a game of bowling, going to a fun fair or an eatery or slipping on the skis to swoosh down the slopes in preparation for winter, or heading to the gym, spa or beauty salon to get into shape for the summer. Dubai Malls also flaunt large number of art galleries, mosques and gaming zones!


Well, choosing the best mall in Dubai can be as difficult as choosing your favorite flavor of ice-cream but if given a chance, all the shopaholics will go for the Mall of the Emirates. The lavish mall will energize all your five senses by its commendable architecture, huge variety of shops and opulent gentry. It is not only the city’s largest mall, but also one of its most beautiful, with polished marble floors, spacious avenues and a stunning skylight. Apart from boasting about large range of chic boutiques, designer shops, supermarkets, virgin megastore, bookshops, art galleries, theatre etc, it has an indoor ski slope called the Dubai Ski. Apart from that, it also has many options for restaurants like Emporio Armani Caffe and Almaz by Momo.

So, in short, Dubai has got it all and once you get there and shop your heart out, you might get a tiny orgasm and you’ll be left with nothing to confess about. (If you got the reference) Ha ha!!

Written by Ravi Goel