One Day Visit to Taj Mahal

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Ravi Goel

Love has always been quite obscuring but yet so obvious, quite complicated but yet so simple, quite painful but yet so lovable. We would have had swear a hundred times not to fall in love but still we would have caught ourselves in the same trap over and over again, this is LOVE…  and so was the love of this 15 year old boy Prince Khurram(Shah Jahan)  for this beautiful girl Arjumand Banu Begum(Mumtaz Mahal). It was this love story because of which I had developed faith in the concept called love, the story of Taj Mahal.

I had packed my bags and I had left for Agra not knowing what I will do? or why am I going? where I will stay? This was like any other impulsive decision I had been always known for and after a 4 hours journey from Delhi here was I standing write in front of that milky white structure known not only as one of the seventh wonder of the world but a token of love from the Prince to his Princess- Taj Mahal.

It was early morning and the picturesque beauty of the monument was somewhere hidden beneath the thick fog encompassing it. As I walked towards the monument I could feel the magical air filled with love. It reminded me of some historical facts which stated that this piece of art took 22 long years to build with 22,000 workers toiling day and night to make it a masterpiece but little did they knew that they will never be able to construct anything better than this because their hands were chopped off.  It somehow made me realized that’s love is sometimes brutal but yet so loving.



Love is often about noticing the minute details of your partner and keeping them in mind long after they are gone and that was beautifully inculcated by Shah Jahan while constructing this majestic monument called Taj Mahal. He had taken care of the minutest detail. I sat their for hours just thinking about the one whom I loved and I guess love is not always about falling in love and getting married it is beyond the conventional realms. A few drops of tears welled in my eyes and rolled down swiftly thinking about him and a faint smile appeared on my face. I guess that is love smiling even when you don’t have him beside you and that is why Shah Jahan’s grave lie next to Mumtaz begum’s even death couldn’t set them apart.

Written by Ravi Goel