What to do during long air flight journey

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Ravi Goel

If I am travelling in a flight I seriously think that everyone should do their homework properly because I feel that once you are up in the air there is hardly anything you can do till the time you come down back to the land.

  • If you are travelling overseas make sure that you have sufficient time to change your flight because if you are going to a place which is snow capped almost all the times than there is a greater possibility of your flight getting delayed so it is better to have good time in hand to move to the different flight.
  • When you are going abroad make sure that you are carrying your passport because it often happens that all of you might be reaching with a heavy luggage and almost everything except that one thing which can make you reaches to your desired destination- ‘your passport’  
  • Make sure you don’t carry big trunks loaded with clothes even though you might be going for two days but you have this inherent feeling that you should at least have good options with you when it comes to clothing but that is too bad, keep your suitcases as light as you can so that you can carry it all by yourself without any problems.
  • Do check your arrival and departure timings of your flights and try to reach one hour prior to your scheduled flight time. Sometimes it so happens that your flight might get cancelled so it is best to check the details before leaving from your place.
  • Pack your ear plugs and keep an ipod or an ipad handy so that you can plug it in when you are sitting beside a boring and irritating passenger who keeps questioning you about your whereabouts and you are in no mood to tell him or her, trust me they are great savior.
  • If you are travelling with kids it is best to back some toffees and chocolates in your bag so that if your flight gets delayed you will at least have something that can stop them from crying. Do keep some extra pencil and notepads with you so that the kids are kept occupied with something or the other if they are feeling bored.

Written by Ravi Goel