Pack Your Bags N Go For Holidays-Pack N Go

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Ravi Goel


It all just happened on 4th September 2013, when I had to make a tough choice between my friends and family, both of them wanted to celebrate my Birthday in the fanciest way. My friends on one side and my family on the other side were like two whirl winds and I was not ready for such a ride. So, like everyone else I had to choose my family instead of my friends and this left them heartbroken but I was sure to make up for it by giving them a lavish treat but I was sure that this wouldn’t suffice their palate, as on this Birthday they wanted to do something really big.

Day after tomorrow I got a call from my flat mate saying ” we are leaving for Agra on the 7th and we have booked the tickets for the same” and she hung up the phone, for a moment I couldn’t think of anything and when I had regained my consciousness I could only think of the deadlines which I had promised my clients which I had assured I will surely meet and how am I going to ask my boss for a leave. But this time I had swear on God to be a part of the trip. So I was awake the whole night doing my work and convincing my boss and I guess eventually God had also shifted to my side.


So, early morning all of us woke up, packed our bags and simply went to board our train. It took us three hours to reach and we were in Agra. I could feel the love in the air-‘Taj Mahal’ for which Agra is known but I was yet to witness it in person. We made our way to the hotel ‘Grand Imperial’ a five star hotel with a spectacular entry by an ‘auto rickshaw’. We were greeted warmly at the reception with a chilled glass of refreshing juice. After we were through with the basic formalities he took us to our rooms and it left us jaw dropped because our room had two doors, one having a poolside view and the other having a lush green lawn coupled with a bed which was just so bumpy that one would like to jump on and on and on. We took a bath and quickly put on fresh clothes to make our way which stands as a testimony of love-‘Taj Mahal’. Although a lot have been already said and written about Taj Mahl but my eyes couldn’t seriously believe that love can be so intense, so pure and so beautiful and hordes of tourist have come from all around the world to see this seventh wonder of the world.

We clicked our photographs from every angle and were mesmerized by its beauty but since it was getting dark so it was time to go back to our hotel. I was sure to sit by the fountain enjoying the quietness of the place which I hadn’t felt for months. I was completely relaxed away from the hustle and bustle of work all I could think about was me, myself. It was an amazing feeling and for me it was not a destination it was a place where I got an opportunity to meet myself. Now, when I introspect I feel that sometime you should pack and go without thinking about those endless things which keeps and will keep bothering you throughout your life. Thank you my friend for letting me do this.

Written by Ravi Goel