Planning Your Dream Honeymoon

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Ravi Goel

The concept of arrange marriages have always been alien to me since I was a part of the world where love marriages and live- in were in full bloom. So even I possessed the faint idea of eventually falling in love and seeing life through a more beautiful prism but to my surprise I landed myself in a situation quite contrary to what I had thought, I had to go for an arrange marriage because of my inability to fall in love and after completing all the rituals of a marriage here we were packing are suitcase for our honeymoon in Maldives.

I never  thought even in my dreams that things are going to move so fast, I mean how can just the two of us, complete strangers can enjoy each other’s company and that to for an entire week. The idea seemed completely impossible but I was a little smart, a thought just flashed through my mind, so what if my plan A didn’t work (having a love marriage) I had plan B in my mind which was even if the guy, my so called ‘husband’ turns out to be boring I will still have the opportunity to witness a beautiful place like Maldives.

As we made our way to Maldives I could clearly see it was scattered in the midst of Indian Ocean, the necklace of islands that form Maldives was jaw dropping. I could have never even imagined a place as beautiful as this, with sparkling beaches, turquoise lagoons, clear warm water and coral reefs. I was too excited to explore the place but I secretly wished if I would have visited this place with someone whom I really loved it would have been a bonanza a delight for me. Once we were there we thought of getting freshen up a little bit, we made our way to our hotel, oh! I am sorry it wasn’t a hotel it actually turned out to be resort by the island, I wandered that quite similar to what Tom Hanks did in the movie Cast Away even I had to carve out a toy like creature with whom I can talk because I was sure it was not going to happen with this guy (husband) it was like having the entire island as your own holiday home.

After a nice bath which had washed away all the tiredness of the journey we made are next move to calm our growling stomach to a restaurant at the corner of the island the journey till that corner was subtly quite with exchange of smiles and that too in installments. We had an array of food to choose from and like individuals he made his choice and I had made mine and the choices made by both of us were poles apart we quietly ate are food and took a barefoot walk at the white sandy beaches and translucent lagoons and all the beauty around us forced me to strike the conversation because a trip can never be so dull. As the conversation started we realized that there was absolutely nothing in common between us. We repelled in almost every sense and I the worst part he hates diving and snorkeling which was why Maldives is well renowned. But the next morning when I woke up I could see our diving trainer ready to get underwater and I could see this guy (husband) standing strongly by my side even though he was scared of it. I think this was the first time I had felt the connection, I think marriages have a weird way of bringing you closer and this was one such way.I held his hand firmly and we made our way to the hidden treasures in Maldives like playful fish, turtles and other curious creatures and had seen a world which we never knew ever existed.


When we were done we removed our snorkel, fins and mask and I and my husband were completely relaxed, we had a completely different feeling and a feeling beyond words which made us realized that marriage is not about having the same like and dislikes, it is about standing strongly just to see her happy, holding his hand when he is at its worse. It is an experience we relived for days after we got back home. It was in Maldives that he became my husband from just another guy, thanks Maldives.

Written by Ravi Goel