My First Road Trip to Kasauli

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Ravi Goel

It was one of those sundry days of the month of August when all of us from college had gone to see a movie named ‘Rock-on’ the basic storyline of the movie was enjoying with friends being completely oblivious to the fact that one day we will be drifted poles apart by the that one thing which had brought all of us together. The storyline was nothing very unusual but it was quite intriguing and made us all sit and think that it can actually happen to anybody maybe all of us considering the person sitting next to us as friends might become complete strangers. But we were sure that before that happens we should enjoy every bit of it. The movie acted as a stimulus for all of us to plan an outing together and after considering all the suggestions we finalized a road trip to Kasauli.

All of us were quite excited but in midst of that excitement we had actually forgotten that a road trip requires permission from our respective parents although it was a tough job but we were adamant to convince them. When all of us presented the idea to our parents we could see those raised eye-brows from the corner of our eye ’Only four girls for a road trip to Kasauli’. The idea seemed completely unacceptable at first but after all the pleading we convinced our parents and some of us had to even go to the extent of non-cooperation movement with their parents. Early in the morning we boarded our bus and left for Kausauli.

We were all very tired after the late night theatrical performances at our respective homes in so we closed our eyes and started snoring in deep sleep. It was sometime in evening when one by one all of us started waking up and eyes could never witness something as beautiful as the place around us. We were in Kasauli and as soon as the bus stationed all of us jump off and quickly ran to look for a taxi so that he could take us to the sunset point which is located on the upper mall and is 100 meters ahead of Kasauli club. The view was breathtaking and our mouth was wide opened, we stood there for a while and just cherished the beauty of the place. Kausali had a beautiful backdrop to offer and we clicked photographs and cracked lame jokes and I silently wondered this would never happen again, this is moment and we should all cease the day.

It was already getting dark and we could not visit any other place so as we were hungry we thought of eating something really good to satisfy our palate. We tasted a very unique Band-Samosa or the poor man’s burger which is a specialty worth Rs 12 and was quite filling too. Dumplings or momos are something which one should not miss on their visit to Kasauli and I am big fan of it, when the hot steamy momos slowly make their way down my throat it gave me an extreme level of satisfaction.

The next morning we had two things in our mind we would like to see one was the Angilican Church and the other was Monkey Point. We first made our way to Monkey point which is highest point of Kasauli with a small temple situated at the top which is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. According to history when Lord Hanuman was returning from the Himalayas after obtaining the Sanjibani Booty his foot touched the top of the hill and that is the reason why the top of the hill Is in foot shaped. After we headed towards the famous Anglican Church which was a grove of fir and chestnut trees and was built in a crossed shape. The church was built by British families and is a 159 year old structure. The Britishers also laid the foundation of the Kasauli town in 1842.

We were totally exhausted by then and as it was time for us leave for Delhi we planned a perfect ending for our road trip by sipping in famous Plum Wine and talking about serious stuff in life like our dreams, our goals and sometimes discussing the non-serious stuff like cracking lame jokes and laughing till our stomach starts hurting and pulling each other’s leg. Whatever it might be serious or non-serious stuff yet this road trip to Kasuli stands testimony to the fact that we were all here once, together as friends and with this we all raise a toast!!!


Written by Ravi Goel