Questions to Ask Before Travelling

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Ravi Goel

Making travel plans on the spot and planning an impromptu trip can be fun. The suspense of the mystical place unfolds as you travel and you love it when the place surprises you with the things you had never seen before. But do you realize that along with the good surprises, there can be deadly surprises too. When we don’t know much about a place, there can be n number of things which can prove harmful and can spoil the entire fun of travel. So, here are some questions you need to ask yourself before your excursion to ensure a safe vacation!

1)Do we have proper knowledge?

Is this a route that you do every day, in weather conditions that you are familiar with? Or are you in a foreign area and unfamiliar with your surroundings? This question is important to consider how much preparation and questioning you need to ask. If it is an unknown territory, you should have much more preparation — asking locals, and ensuring that you know all the local flora and fauna and survival techniques that are unique to the area you are travelling.
Have I ensured I have adequate travel insurance?
Many credit card companies offer a basic level of travel insurance, but make sure to check the fine print to ensure you’re fully protected.
People have been in situations in the United States where care was easy to get, but paying for it was a nightmare, as well as in countries where they weren’t sure they could trust their diagnosis. Make sure you know what your travel insurance covers.

2) How flexible is my itinerary?

This decision is based purely on cost and convenience. If you have a flexible airline ticket that allows you to change date, or if you purchased a strong insurance policy, you can often move your travel dates. This is often the best solution – if your personal circumstances allow for it. If you are locked into a travel schedule, your insurance company should be able to help. You may be able to book an alternative holiday to a nearby destination. In the worst-case scenario, you may have to request refunds for all your travel bookings and begin planning your next vacation. While this can feel disappointing, keep in mind that safety and respect are higher priorities!

3) Am I prepared for all weather conditions?

The mountain weather can change in an instant. It is important to be prepared for a variety of weather conditions, no matter the season. Even in the summertime, the mountains can produce snowy, winter-like conditions. Always ensure that you have layers that you can both add on and take off as needed. Cotton material should be avoided close to the body, and always have a waterproof layer on top.

4) Do we have enough food and water?

Not only enough food to eat, but the right kind? Studies have shown that you should eat 40-50% carbs, 25-35% protein, and 20-30% fat. Depending on your size and how much your heart will be beating, it is advisable to eat between 3 and 5 thousand calories per day. Doing the research will pay off when you are on your trip, as the mindful planning of your food intake will result in better energy and muscle efficiency.

5) Is this suitable for all members of the party?

If one person is uncomfortable with the route you have planned, then the trip will not be fun for anyone. More experienced people in the group will become frustrated waiting for someone who cannot keep up. It is important to consider everyone’s abilities when deciding where to go. It is also important for all members to be completely honest with what level they are at. If someone overpromises what they can do, they can put the entire group at risk if they cannot get through a difficult section along the way.

 6) Have I told my family where I’m going?

Leave a copy of your itinerary — including departure/arrival times, flight numbers and hotel addresses with a reliable family member or friend. Sometimes people are so focused on the exciting adventure in front of them, they forget to make sure things are nice and tidy at home, but even if you’re planning on only being away for a short period of time, it’s important that someone knows exactly where you’re supposed to be when, and has the authority to make decisions at home on your behalf.

Hope these points will help you. Travel safely!

Written by Ravi Goel