Photography in Ladakh

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Ravi Goel

Photography in Ladakh is every photographers dream and so was mine but I was sure that if this trip has to happen it should be on my Royal Enfield with my   camera. It is often said that understanding a women is the toughest job to which I agree but no sooner did I derived that understanding men is far more confusing because they want the best of both the worlds and end up having none. Here was a man in my life who had refused to marry me but he intended to be friends with me throughout his life because as per his calculation I understood him well. But I was not a girl who carries her heart on her sleeves and his erroneous calculation made me so frustrated that I dumped him and thought that it is best to pull out my bike with my camera and leave for Ladakh.

As I was riding the bike on the wide deserted road all the things were bothering my mind. The weather was so hot that I was sweating like a pig and as the sweat was trickling down my body so was my frustration. I took a halt at Tso Moriri Lake and splashed cold water on my face which ran down the heat from my body. It got me thinking that it is not always necessary to be with someone sometimes being single can give you the same happiness or even greater like I was experiencing at the moment it was just me and the deep blue waters in midst of the scenic beauty. The breathtaking view couldn’t resist my fingers from the camera and it clicked a photograph of me and the mysterious nature surrounding me.

I started my bike and drove I saw many Buddhist monasteries on my way. While capturing the Buddhist monastery it made me feel that they are typical Tibetan structures making you feel that you are no far from Tibet and I think maybe this is the reason why it is also known as ‘Little Tibet’. I visited some of the monasteries and suddenly tradition tried to seep in that life is all about finding yourself but it is your choice how you do that it can be with someone and it can also be done alone.

I was sure that at least for now I was alone discovering myself in Ladakh and the one thing because of which I was not coming to terms to life was because of the change which took place in my life. Change is one thing which nobody likes but still they have to be a part of it. My eyes caught hold of Pangong Lake the most beautiful lake I have come across. The view will completely mesmerize you buy its untouched beauty. It has no marine life but serves home to many migratory birds. I had clicked many photographs at the Pangong Lake and the final one being mine alone, celebrating my singleton.        

Written by Ravi Goel