The Trail of Adventure

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Ravi Goel

Life would be incomplete without friends and fun and when you add on adventure to the equation, the whole phenomenon changes. If you and your buddies are looking for a short escape from the monotony of the daily life, make it the reason to excuse yourself from the mundane routine and head to some of the most electrifying destinations around the country.

Let’s start with the hills and the rivers- the epitome of natural excitement. If you are afraid of gushing water and height, you may be wary of such locations but mind you, the mountains are the haven for some ultra- adventurous activities.

For starters, river rafting in the Ganges at Rishikesh or in the Teesta River near Gangtok, could be a stepping stone for you to finally fall in love with the imposing river body coursing through the mountains. Pack a small back- pack and plan a two day trip with your friends and spend a day chillaxing while you stay in an authentic camp setting, complete with bonfire and riverside tents. Once you have relaxed enough and settled around your surroundings, it’s time for you to get on that raft and pedal your way downstream negotiating the wavy rapids. The added adrenalin rush is supplied by a dip in the holy Ganga under the famous Ram Jhula and floating atop the flowing water whilst looking up at the clear blue sky.

Rafting is not the only sport mountains have on offer; your group can set out on a mountain- biking expedition in Ladakh, it’s affordable and unbelievably exciting to course through the rocky terrain of the mountains. The better known escapades in the high mounds include Para gliding, skiing, cliff jumping and bungee jumping. The menu for adventure activities are never ending, even a trek in the mountain forest could be a thrilling experience.

Moving on, here is something about the beaches in India- they may be quiet and subtle but never mistake them to be boring.  The waves and water is the asset here, you can go para sailing while your friends look up at you from the boat you are tied on to or you could gear up and jump into the sea as a scuba diver to explore the vibrancy of the coral reefs. You may go to Goa or the Andaman Islands or even the Lakshadweep Islands and get lost in the magnificence of the blue wonders that is the ocean. Snorkeling is an amazing alternative for those who avoid being under water.

After reading about the spots you may have as options, it’s time for you to understand that if the trip you take with your friends is accompanied with wild partying and booze nights in between, it’ll only add on to the charm of your adventure spree.

Pack up and do not forget to leave your crazy carefree-self behind!

Written by Ravi Goel