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    The Trail of Adventure

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    Life would be incomplete without friends and fun and when you add on adventure to the equation, the whole phenomenon changes. If you and your buddies are looking for a short escape from the monotony of the daily life, make it the reason to excuse yourself from the mundane routine and head to some of… Read more »

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    Best Road Trips

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    India with its vast road network gives you various destinations to choose from for a road trip. You have the mountains where you ride through clouds, coastal getaways with the sea for company, and retreats into forests where nature silences the sound of your engine. Best Road trips in India were once exclusively for those… Read more »

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    Hotels to Visit Before You Die

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    Checkout our collection of not so Hotelish Hotels to visit before you Die… 10. Singita Kruger National Park, South Africa Two lavish lodges with treetop suites and riverside rooms make up this Singita property. The glass-walled Lebombo Lodge overlooks the plains and the Lebombo Mountain Range, while the Sweni Lodge is nestled among trees along… Read more »

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    Fly high and dont let Age be a Barrier

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    For any traveller, it is essential to be healthy to enjoy the trip to the core. Though people from all age- groups prior to embarking on a vacation should ensure precautions for the health, it is more important for our older travelling souls. Here are some pointers the older generation should look into before setting… Read more »

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    Its Time for the Thrill

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    A life without some adventure would be like a book without any pages!Yes, being adventurous may mean you are being crazy or you are doing something that not everyone does, after all, the definition of adventure can’t be a constant- it’s different for different people, varying with their interests and of course, with their level… Read more »

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    How to Make Your Travel Pocket Friendly

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    Be prepared and research before you go Publications such as Lonely Planet and Rough Guide are excellent resources. You can pick these up at charity shops or libraries, but if you haven’t got the latest version make sure you double check online. You don’t want to turn up at a hostel to find it’s been… Read more »

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    Places to visit Before You Die

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    There’s nothing like a road trip to really experience a country. From coastal highways and dizzying mountain passes, to scenic routes through national parks and bridges over great spans of water; roads are the circulatory system that connects a country. After an extensive search online, the Sifter has compiled a list of some of the… Read more »

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    Top 10 off Beat Destinations

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    10. Cappadocia Turkey Above ground, Central Anatolia’s Cappadocia region is known for the unique “fairy chimney” rock formations into which dwellings were carved (some of them have been “converted” into rock hotels in recent years). In towns such as Ürgüp and Göreme you can make arrangements to see this surreal landscape from a hot-air balloon…. Read more »

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    Best Places to Celebrate Wedding Anniversaries

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    Wedding anniversaries are such a great opportunity to show your spouse just how much you care about them. But making your anniversary special and romantic is not child’s play. It’ll require a lot of things – perfect clothes for the occasion, a perfect gift your partner will adore and, of course, you’ll need a place… Read more »

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    Women Friendly Destinations across the World

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    Why should Boys have all the fun.. Checkout Women Friendly destinations across the world where you can roam freely and spend some Me time exploring the place. Costa Rica Don’t let Latin America’s bad reputation keep you from visiting Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a safe place for women travelers and is full of warm-hearted… Read more »