Its Time for the Thrill

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Ravi Goel

A life without some adventure would be like a book without any pages!Yes, being adventurous may mean you are being crazy or you are doing something that not everyone does, after all, the definition of adventure can’t be a constant- it’s different for different people, varying with their interests and of course, with their level of craziness.If you do not shy away from experiencing that thrilling adrenalin rush every once in a while, you are ought to visit these places in India in your lifetime…



Pack some sturdy clothes and gear up to face the rugged mountains that surround Ladakh. This high- altitude desert is silent beauty through which flow the raging rivers Zanskar and the Indus- which literally invite you to engage in river rafting. If you are vary of the water, the Himalayan and the Karakoram Mountain ranges are open to your imagination. You can camp alongside the rivers, or trek through the recesses. You can opt for mountain climbing or even mountain- biking– the kick you get, is worth the risk!


Rishikesh is a palette of experiences for adventure seekers. The Ganges when emerges from the Himalayas, offers some exhilarating rapids between Kaudilya and Rishikesh, making it perfect for a few hours of heart throbbing river rafting. Some uncommon escapades Rishikesh has on offer include cliff jumping, waterfall trekking, canoeing and body surfing. This hill station does complete justice to the meaning of thrill.


This Meadow of Flowers can seem mild with its beauty but the opportunities for getting adventurous are unending here, defying the quiet look it possesses. This destination in Jammu and Kashmir, lying close to the LOC, can be the most exciting place of visit for anyone. The slopes here range from a height of 8,700 ft. to 10,500 ft. which make the skiing at Gulmarg the highest ranged in the whole of India. To add to that, Gulmarg is Asia’s only Heli-ski resort. You don’t have to be an experience skier to enjoy the ski- lifts; all you need is the compelling urge of ravaging the snowy slopes of the Himalayas.

The Golf Course here sits at a height of 2,650 metres- high enough to take your breath away with its beauty. After negotiating the snow slopes and a little bit of golfing, you can start out on a trek to the Nanga Parbat or the Haramukh to understand the Himalayas in its true essence.


A few kilometres away from Mumbai lays the small hill station- Kamshet, nestled in the Western Ghats at a height of 2200 ft. above sea level. It makes up for a perfect adrenalin- rich destination, owing to the bountiful greens and hilly terrain, dotted with serene lake systems. Since it falls on the ancient trade route between Konkan and Pune, there are a number of cave temples and fortresses spread all over its terrain, which you can climb to as part of a trekking trip in the hill station.

Though Kamshet is a minion when compared to the big famous tourist destinations in India, it is counted among the best spots for paragliding in the country. If you are an amateur, there is the option of a tandem flight that is equipped with an instructor for and flies over a similar tract as the gliders. The view of the countryside and the lakes from up above is undescribable.



In the hilly state of Uttarakhand, lays the hill town of Auli, famous for being a paradise for snowy- adventure sports like skiing and trekking. This has to be on your list of must- visit for the uninterrupted cover of fresh white snow while you para- glide through the clear blues of the sky cannot be missed in this lifetime.



The South Indian state of Karnataka has within it a gem named Coorg, it’s not only pretty views, no. Coorg is the place to be for the outdoorsy. Trek in some of the best areas like the Kotebetta and Pushpagiri and get drenched in the waters of the Brapole River while you raft through the rapids. Quad-biking is unique to Coorg and takes you through the well- planned coffee plantations that are widespread in this hill town. For some soothing yet stimulating fun, try fishing and angling or bird watching in the wilds.


Meghalaya is home to some of the deepest and most abundant cave structures in South East Asia. Not for no reason is it flocked by caving experts and adventure seekers all year round. Some of the known caves are Mawsynram and Syndai. Caving is an activity which will bring you closer to Mother Nature and introduce you to a world unknown. Apart from the caves, there are other opportunities as well like trekking, golfing, boating, camping and biking that you should not miss out on.


Wondering how a sandy desert land be an adventure? You have got to camp here in the distant sands of Rajasthan to know what the thrill here entails. The Camel rides with the setting sun, will leave you asking for more while you dredge your way through the high sand- dunes. Even simply walking in the deep sands can be an experience you will remember all your life, it’s not a cake walk.



The dreamland, nicknamed as the Las Vegas of India, Goa never fails to surprise its visitors. The unending sea water with clean sand beaches with a smattering of shacks and beer houses are a view to behold. But when it comes to being adventurous, Goa surpasses all. True to its spirit, this city redefines freedom- get into the waters and Surf, swim, and glide through its warmth.

Andaman Islands

The Andaman Island Group in the Bay of Bengal are a distant world, different from the India we know and see. The archipelago is connected to the Indian Mainland via Port Blaire, the capital town of the Islands. The beaches at Havelock are listed among the best one’s in the world and the small islands that are part of Andaman and Nicobar have a rich coral base. The Elephant Island is surrounded by a colourful expanse of corals and fish colonies and you can choose to either snorkel or scuba dive and take in the natural underwater paradise on display.

These spots are some of the many that you must visit in your lifetime. Keep the thrill alive to enjoy your life to the fullest!


Written by Ravi Goel