Top Ten Festivals of the World

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Ravi Goel

Isn’t life better when there is always something to look forward to? When you have lost all hope or things don’t go as per planned, people tend to start counting back and wait for something good to happen. It gives everybody some hope, a belief that everything will get better and a faith that everybody will forget all differences and come together. That’s what festivals do! Give people a reason to celebrate, to eradicate all differences and forget all atrocities, even if it is for few moments. Festivals are energetic, spirited, lively and ecstatic and we, being your eminent travel guide don’t want you to miss any of those joyful occasions. So here is a list of top ten festivals across the world which will probably help you to dig out hidden happiness in life.

10)Noche de los Rabanos, Mexico


This festival happens two days before Christmas and is an exotic radish shaping festival. Mexican artists gather to compete by carving tableaux out of the massive radishes with the one creating the most beautiful radish sculpture is declared a winner. The festival traces its roots to the 16th century when Spain brought radishes into Mexico. Then fancy shapes were carved out in order to attract buyers for the crisp, but pungent, roots.

9)Dia de Muertos, Mexico


Mexico’s ‘Day of the Dead’ does not pay homage to filmmaker George Romero – rather, it’s a two-day festival celebrating the reunion of relatives with their dear departed. All the relatives gather near the graves of their near and dear ones to pay homage and remember them but unlike all the funerals the ambience is not at all melancholic. There is lot of food and drinks and people remember their family with glee and celebration. Unlike Halloween, this festival does not fear death. Rather, it celebrates the continuation of life even beyond death.

8)Diwali, India


The festival of lights is celebrated to rejoice the homecoming of King Ram after completing his exile of 14 years and rescuing his wife Sita from Ravana. The citizens of town Ayodhya (Ram’s hometown) were extremely elated after getting their virtuous king back and to celebrate this occasion they lighted thousands of lamps and the city lit up with hope, satisfaction and glee. Since then, Deepawali is celebrated in India every year in the month of November. Homes also undergo spring-cleaning and new clothes are bought that will bring in good luck and renewed fortune. The festival enjoins everyone, regardless of religion, belief or creed.

7)Burning Man, Nevada, United States


Nobody really knows the main aim of this festival but every year in August or September, tens os thousands of people gather around to barter goods. Selling is forbidden in this festival but this way, people get to know about various things from all across the world. And when the festival ends, a giant effigy will be set on fire.

6)La Tomatina, Spain


Do you like food fights? Well, then you are definitely going to enjoy this one because this includes entire city taking part and hurling squished tomatoes at each other. It’s like Holi, only tastier! Tons of kilos of tomatoes are brought in by huge trucks and the town is painted red. People dive in and the tomatina war begins. Avoid it if you are ill tempered!

5)Il Palio, Italy


As you witness this extremely adventurous horse race, your heart will start beating in your mouth because you’ll be hearing lot of bone crunching. It’s a horse race in which 17 neighborhoods of Siena participate and attracts huge number of audiences. The winner gets a baby bottle of wine and lot of pride for its neighborhood.

4)Semana Santa, Guatemala


This is another huge festival which celebrates spirituality and almighty’s grace on all of us. Different statues of Jesus are paraded across all over the town with the most pepped up and lavish decorations. Whole city is decked up in black crape paper and the smell of incense makes this festival all the more enchanting.

3)Kanamara Matsuri, Kawasaki, Japan

Well, this is definitely not for a prude! Giant statues of pink penis are carried all around the town. This parade is witnessed by elderly as well as the young ones. People are given lollypops shaped like phallus and radishes that are carved like penis. This was earlier celebrated to create awareness about syphilis but now is done to raise money for AIDS research.

2)Carnival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


The city looks all dolled up and gaudy as if thousands of color bombs are exploded over it. The carnival is celebrated with full pop and show and women decorated with colorful feathers and glitter perform sizzling samba. Nearly a million people attend this festival. A Masquerade Ball is also held, where participants wear masks, wigs and costumes. Celebrities grace this anonymous affair.

1)Mardi Gras, New Orleans, United States


This famous two-week festival features parades headed by ‘Kings’ and ‘Queens’ leading a flotilla of garish floats manned by ‘krewes’ who throw trinkets to the crowds (who usually beg for it; if they don’t, female krewe members bare their breasts in encouragement). All inhibitions are let loose during Fat Tuesday, as Ash Wednesday marks the official start of the Christian Lent Season and is marked by abstinence and penance.

Written by Ravi Goel