Holiday Experience in CapeTown

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Ravi Goel

I personally believed that South Africa can have dense populous jungle and thick dark forest but never did I think that South Africa has stored so many mysteries within its box and one such mystery which I was able to unfold was ‘Capetown’.


I a common man has a dull, boring and monotonous routine where I had go to the office almost every day doing the same work, meeting the same people and listening to the angry words of my boss which seemed to me like pots and pans. So one day I decided that enough is enough, I am done with it. So, like the other travellers I was all set to discover the place which was quite often heard off but quite less talked about.

To break the monotony I thought that a plunge in cold water is something which can work wonders for me but as soon as I reached Gansbaii a chill just ran down my nerves and I thought monotony is much better than such killing adventure. Gansbaii is often considered as the white shark capital of the world and I could see tourists all around me going for the dangerous shark cage diving which is a big business in Capetown. It was just the view which was spectacular and adventurous but I never had the guts to be a part of the same so I choose to go to a much safer option which is ‘The Two Oceans Aquarium’. I thought that water is not going to break the mundane routine so I thought that it is best to fly in the air.


I came across a fancy cable car hanging up the table top mountain but this time I had no choice but to take that bold step and go for it. It is often believed that the rope is 112 meters down Table Mountain and it is the world’s highest commercial abseil. Though when I started it I was quite nervous but as the cable car gradually motioned I could have a bird’s eye view of the entire city making it a beautiful and memorable experience.

I already had a real adventure and now I was looking for something which can make me relax a little bit so I made my way to a Company’s Garden which had a symbolic silent bell which is believed to be a symbol of slaves who had once toiled in the former vegetable garden, you will eventually find a way to Adderley Street which has exhibitions showcasing South Africa’s art. You can also visit the Iziko Planetarium and Iziko Slave Lodge which was built by Dutch East India Company to accommodate slaves who were mentally ill.

As I moved out of the place I thought that It is time for me to take bath so I thought that when we have a beach like Beta which is like ten minute drive from the city so I thought that it is better to go for a nice swim which will relax my body. As soon as I reached there I could see the big boulders making the sea look exceptionally beautiful and after swimming I thought that it is best to go for an uninterrupted sunbathing.
If you are a shopaholic then you should go to Pan African Market and Greenmarket Square where you will find custom tailored garments, old folk art and souvenir clothing. If you looking for quality gifts you can also go to Heartworks which has a broad range of local crafts from rural Africa and cutting urban studios.

I was so tired and exhausted after the journey that I thought that it is best to wrap it and raise a toast by making my final visit to the vineyards without which my whole travel will lose its meaning. When I entered the vine lands it was almost like that I have entered a different city all together. It was just so beautiful and as a bonanza of delight wine tasting isalso allowed in the estate

Written by Ravi Goel