Things to take care while travelling

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Ravi Goel

I think the day I was born the first word which I might have spelled out of my mouth would have been ‘travel’ instead of ‘mother’ , and since then I have got my mum’s world go round and round. Obviously I understand this fact for sure that being the youngest daughter she has all the reasons to be worried but I had a firm belief that since I had just one life with me to experience almost everything in the world soI had spent most of my time out from home. Since my arrival in this beautiful world I have been travelling sometimes around and sometimes even outside the world.

If you travelling one thing is for sure it is not like movies where one day you get up, pack your bags and left for some where far away. There are certain basic essentials which you need to keep in mind so thatyou are safe and you try and avoid trouble as much as possible.

  • The basic essentials might range from not just being excited about reaching your desired destination and in the midst of that excitement you forget the most important thing which is your travel ticket, most of the people tend to forget that.
  • The next in my list comes money, I believe that you can always do away with your clothes but you simply cannot do away without money and your mobile phone.
  • Always safe to carry one ID Proof along with you everytime you travel.It is not that I am sitting here giving you lecture, I am telling you by hands on experience. Once I was travelling to Amritsar via Shatabdi with one of my friend and I clearly remember  that we had kept almost everything except an ID Proof for our e-ticket. I was sure thatt he ticket master is surely going to throw us out of the train but I guess God had been kind tome that the ticket master left us seeing our innocent faces but you cannot easily get away with that everytime.
  • The next tip goes out to all the women in the world who have a very bad habit of carrying excessive luggage and that too along with a hand bag. The more things you carry the more are your chances to forget them and the more is your loss, try and keep your luggage to the bare minimum. A traveler should always have a back pack with them so that they can keep all  their stuff and move around easily.
  • Always have some important things in your bag like chewing gums, biscuits water, rope and a small torch so that they can come to your rescue anytime.
  • It is very important that you should know the local language of the place you are travelling to. Nobody is asking you to be absolutely fluent in that but certain basic words like ‘help’, ‘seeking for some address’  it actually helps you out to communicate with them.
  • Also try and keep certain phone numbers handy so that you can call them up anytime you think you need help and do try and pen down certain numbers on a diary which you should always carry while travelling. If the place you are visiting have certain rules which one needs to follow don’t try to be over smart and negate them rather you should strictly adhere to them like on my visit to Bhangarh there was a board which strictly said that going to this place after sunset is strictly prohibited

So enjoy your time, have loads of travelling experience but at the same time it is important to be safe as well, Happy travelling.

Written by Ravi Goel