Top Honeymoon Destinations for 2016

The rush, the desire, the chaos…and your heart, Waits, for that one moment…the desires meet, And the heart whispered- Honey! Let’s go to our Honeymoon! Take a step forward; know each other better than you ever did for the life waits ahead with all its surprises and before stepping into the realm of the married… Read more »

In Love with Kashmir – the second time

Is was two summers back that I had the chance of visiting Kashmir and from then on, no other destination could replace the grandeur of Kashmir in my heart and soul, such is the beauty of this Paradise on Earth. The summers hit yet again and I desperately wanted to flee from the heat of… Read more »

The College Trip to Dharamshala

In the summer of 2013, our college planned a trip for us to the hill town of Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh. The known history of this ancient hill station tracks the traces of Buddhism since the 8th century. Dharamshala or literally, the inn attached to a temple, has Kangra as its district headquarters. We set… Read more »

The Trail of Adventure

Life would be incomplete without friends and fun and when you add on adventure to the equation, the whole phenomenon changes. If you and your buddies are looking for a short escape from the monotony of the daily life, make it the reason to excuse yourself from the mundane routine and head to some of… Read more »

Best Road Trips

India with its vast road network gives you various destinations to choose from for a road trip. You have the mountains where you ride through clouds, coastal getaways with the sea for company, and retreats into forests where nature silences the sound of your engine. Best Road trips in India were once exclusively for those… Read more »

Off Beat Things to do in Himachal Pradesh

­­Are you tired of being visiting the same old commercialized, tourist flocked, complete hustle-bustle like Shimla, Manali, Dalhousie, Dharamshala etc? Do you feel like going to some quite, secluded and peaceful place where you can spend quality time with your family, friends and nature? Do you believe in off the beaten track travel and love… Read more »

How to Make Your Travel Pocket Friendly

Be prepared and research before you go Publications such as Lonely Planet and Rough Guide are excellent resources. You can pick these up at charity shops or libraries, but if you haven’t got the latest version make sure you double check online. You don’t want to turn up at a hostel to find it’s been… Read more »

Its Family Time

Here are some places you can take your family to on a much- needed vacation. Lose yourself into the magnificence of Kerala’s back waters, marvel at the shape- changing sand dunes in Rajasthan while uncovering some international holiday destinations like Singapore, Hongkong, Melbourne, South Africa and Dubai. And back home, the cozy hills of Darjeeling… Read more »

Kashmir Calling

Want to escape the summer heat of the plains? Or do you simply wish to experience a new culture? Kashmir is the answer to all your desires. Get packed and head to the valley of dreams to spend some time in the quietude of the hills.   Beat the heat! The mountainous marvel that is… Read more »

Fly high and dont let Age be a Barrier

For any traveller, it is essential to be healthy to enjoy the trip to the core. Though people from all age- groups prior to embarking on a vacation should ensure precautions for the health, it is more important for our older travelling souls. Here are some pointers the older generation should look into before setting… Read more »

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    Most Beautiful Buildings in the World

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    It used to be that history impacted the modern eye through beautiful ancient structures that stand tall and were considered the most picturesque. Now, travelers experience a glimpse of historical and modern buildings while meandering urban streets.  Modern-day architecture is giving history a run for its money, as these contemporary million dollar structures stun the… Read more »

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    Field Trip to Kune Mission Lonavala

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    Outing just before the exams can be a little tight and of course people will be skeptical and hesitant because of all the preparation and syllabus left to do. I couldn’t leave it for the world. When it’s about travelling and exploring places you have never seen before, I’m one step ahead. I have heard… Read more »

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    What Not to Eat During Road Trips

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    This week’s post is on the lighter side, like funny habits of travelers or top attractions for kids. (To be honest, those were funnier than this piece, but this one is more helpful.) I’ve just returned from another work road trip to Kune Mission, Lonavala and while I know this isn’t my classiest habit, I… Read more »

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    An Evening in Delhi

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    A lot has been already said and a lot has been written about this beautiful city called ‘Dilli’ or the so called ‘Delhi’. The two contrasting names of the city have the whole essence of the city both traditional (dilli) with a tinge of modernity (delhi) added to it. I loved Delhi for the two… Read more »

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    Things to keep in mind while going for a group tour

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      It is often said that – “too many cooks spoil the broth” which also holds true for group tour. If you are travelling together in a group you need to take care of a lot of things. First and foremost it is very important to understand that different people have different mindset, different choice… Read more »

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    Why Pack n Go Holidays?

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    All this while I have been telling you millions of things like where to go, what to carry, how to travel safely hoping you would abide by all the things. Never did it occur to me that you might have doubts in your head as well as to why do you need to listen to… Read more »

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    My Experience with Pack and Go

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    I was always interested in travelling but I never knew so many unspoken things you need to know before travelling. When I started working with Pack n Go, it was a mere internship and I was looking forward to it because I am an aspiring lifestyle journalist. Little did I know that this part time… Read more »

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    Most Funny Habits of Travelers

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    Travelling sure is fun but watching and observing peculiar habits of few travelers or even your fellow travelers in that case can be lot more fun! Sometimes they act strange or completely naïve, maybe because the place they are visiting is completely new to them or they are not fully aware about the rules and… Read more »

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    Top most Indian Travel Destination

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    Sometimes space is what is badly needed in a relationship and that is what exactly  I was looking for, some space. But there is a word of caution feeling claustrophobic does not mean that you should walk out of the relationship altogether rather just stay there as a hasty decision might make you repent later…. Read more »

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    Well, how often do you break into impromptu plans for travelling abroad? Sounds fun right? It feels so great if you surprise your fiancé or mother or wife on birthdays or anniversaries. But, it’s not a perfect world. Sometimes or infact most of the times you don’t get your Visa approved by the country. The… Read more »